• Lahemaa rahvuspark, Neeme tee 32-34, Käsmu, 45601 Lääne-Viru maakond, Estonia


The parking fee in all parking lots inside the Käsmu Village is 10 euros (it’s a one-time entrance ticket, so when exiting Käsmu, the ticket will lose it’s validity). There are pointers and traffic regulators on location to guide you to the available parking spaces.

In addition to the parking lots in Käsmu, it is also possible to park on a hayfield 4 km outside of Käsmu for free. Every 30 minutes there is also a free buss going from Käsmu bus stop to the parking lot and back.

There is security in the parking lot!

Bus schedule:
Friday from 15.00 to 03.00,
Saturday from 10.00 to 03.00,
Sunday from 10.00 to 23.00, the bus leaves every 30 minutes.


The folk bus has two routes: Tallinn-Käsmu-Tallinn and Rakvere-Käsmu-Rakvere

Friday, 11. august 2017

Tallinn – Käsmu at 13:00 D-Terminal
Tallinn – Käsmu at 16:00 D-Terminal
Tallinn – Käsmu at 19:00 D-Terminal

Saturday, 12. august 2017
Tallinn – Käsmu at 13:00 D-Terminal
Tallinn – Käsmu at 16:00 D-Terminal

Sunday, 13. august 2017
Tallinn – Käsmu at 13:00 D-Terminal

Tallinn-Käsmu-Tallinn one way ticket 8 €

Saturday, 12. august 2017
Käsmu – Tallinn at 02:00 Käsmu busstop
Käsmu – Tallinn at 14:30 Käsmu busstop

Sunday, 13. august 2017

Käsmu – Tallinn at 02:00 Käsmu busstop
Käsmu – Tallinn at 19:30 Käsmu busstop
Käsmu – Tallinn at 22:30 Käsmu busstop



Please go to either Võsu or Vergi port.

Festival area


  • FESTIVAL AREA ACCESS TICKET (5 EUR) valid for single entry to the festival area. For re-entrance a new festival area ticket should be purchased;
  • FESTIVAL PASS during the whole festival period;
  • FESTIVAL DAILY PASS during a single day till 4 AM next morning;
  • SINGEL TICKET FOR CONCERT multiple entry to festival area (the ticket must be registered every time when exiting the festival area). The ticket is valid for the day of the concert till 2 AM next morning.

FESTIVAL PASS and DAILY PASS grant entrance to all concerts and festival activities.

Festival pass and daily pass should be exchanged for a festival wrist band at the Ticket Center.

  • Children under age 12 (included) are granted free access to the festival area. To avoid any disputes about the age of the child, please acquire child’s wrist band at the Ticket Center. Please be prepared to present child’s ID card at the Ticket Center.
  • When exchanging DISCOUNT festival pass or DISCOUNT daily pass, please present the document providing eligibility for discount.
  • Family pass and daily family pass are valid for four people: at least one adult or at least one child (13-18 years old).

Family passes and daily family passes should be pre-purchased and are not available in the Ticket Center

  • Family pass and daily family pass are valid for the whole family (more than four people) if at the Ticket Center the Family Card issued by the Estonian Association of Large Families is presented with ID cards.

SINGLE TICKET (20 EUR) grants single entry to the selected concert and loses validity when the visitor leaves concert area. However single ticket grants multiple entry to the festival area on that day. When leaving the festival area, the visitor has to register the ticket at the gates to be granted re-entrance. Single tickets for concerts are available in the Ticket Center and at the gates of the Main Stage and Magnum Forest stage 45 minutes before concert commences.

All visitors under age 12 years (included) have free entry to the festival area and all concerts.

Parking tickets are available at the gates of the parking lots.

All festival passes and daily passes have to be exchanged for wrist bands at the Ticket Center.

NB! Entering the festival area with your own food and drinks is not allowed.


If you wish to camp in Käsmu, there is an official camping area for the festival participant 5 EUR per night per person. The area is equipped with toilets and cold water. During the festival campsites can be rented at the Ticket Center upon acquiring festival wrist bands. Accommodation at Lainela Holiday Village should be pre-booked.

In addition to festival official accommodation at Lainela, there are alternative accommodation options: private camps sites and home hospitality offered by local people. Please contact:

Virge (camping and home hospitality) – Tel: +372 55537828,
Eve (camping and home hospitality)  – Tel: +372 5152040,
Tiiu (camping) – Tel: +372 5122049

Tiiu (home hospitality) – Tel: +372 3238428.

Accommodation is also offered by Koolimäe Holiday Centre outside of Käsmu.

Info and booking: Evi – tel : +372 56601455, during the festival Rutt – tel: +372 53727705

There is no need to make a reservation for the festival official camping site.

Camping site passes available at the Ticket Center are not valid for camping at the private camp sites. Please contact the owners of campsites directly.



There is a small parking lot for trailers and caravans where caravans will be directed upon arrival to Käsmu. Single entry to Käsmu for caravans and trailers is 25 EUR.

Please note that power is not provided for trailers and caravans.

The closest caravan park with facilities is at Lepispea at Võsu. Info:, tel: +372 54501522

Sauna and storage

During the festival a sauna, located at Lainela Holiday can be used for 5 EUR per person.

Sauna can be used by following schedule:

Friday:                 Women (W) from 18:00-21:00

                              Men (M) from 22:00-24:00

Saturday:            W from 16:00-19:00

                              M from 20:00-24:00

Sunday:            W from 16:00-18:00

                              M from 19:00-21:00

Clean towels are available for rent for 2 EUR (deposit 15 EUR) or for sale for 15 EUR.

Bags, musical instruments and other objects can be stored for 2 EUR at the same venue at Lainela by the following schedule: on Friday and Saturday from 15:00-24:00; on Sunday from 15:00-21:00.

Food and Beverage

There are numerous caterers to meet the expectations of visitors with different preferences including vegans and people who want to experience something new.
No admission with personal food or beverages

Depending on the theme of the festival national cuisines are also available.


Dear festival visitor and pet owner!

It is strongly urged not to take pets to the festival. Staying long in a big crowd in rain and shine may be dangerous to pets’ mental and physical health and not only put their life at risk but also put other visitors at danger and destroy the pet owner´s delight in the festival. In case a pet is brought to the festival, the following rules have to be observed:

·        Only trained, well-behaving and non-aggressive pets are allowed;
·        Pet owner has to clean-up after the pet immediately (be equipped with plastic bags);
·        Pet owner is fully responsible for any damage done by the pet;
·        The pet has to be vaccinated;
·        The name and mobile telephone number of the owner have to be attached to the collar of the pet;
·        Well-being for the pet has to be granted by the owner: the pet has to be fed and clean drinking water provided. Longer stay in a closed vehicle is absolutely prohibited;
·        The pet has to be close to the owner. Not all people are pet lovers and do not welcome their close presence. Pets should not violate public order and disturb other visitors.