Exhibition Sea Without Borders

The different coasts around the Gulf of Finland have always complimented each other. Those, who had poor farming land, were more active on the sea. Sailing across the bay was definitely possible for the coastal folk, and their culture and customs moved with them in their boats across the sea.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, the main food on the coasts were salted herring and rye bread. The coast of Finland was a good spawning grounds for Baltic herring and the fishermen from the coastal villages, east of Tallinn, went there for seasonal fishing. Finnish coastal folk also sailed to Viru County to exchange fish for grain to make bread.

Authorities have long tried to set boundaries for people sailing overseas, but the prohibitions have been canceled over-and- over. Only Soviet regime was able to paralyze the travels of coastal folk across the Gulf of Finland for half a century. Nowadays, people can again sail freely across the sea, to buy and sell products, to seek work, and perhaps to find a better life.