Viru Folk 09.-11.08. 2013 Käsmu (Eng)

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The northern Viru Folk music festival (9-11 August, 2013) focuses this year on Swedish culture. The musical section of our main programme relates to Sweden and includes several performers of Swedish origin; our movie programme is also Swedish-flavoured. The environment and photo programme are also influenced by this year’s Swedish theme, as is the children’s programme.

This year, as usual, there are three large outdoor stages in Käsmu and there is also plenty of music on the four smaller stages. In addition, street musicians fill the festival’s main street with instrumental music.

Tickets can be bought from all branches of Piletilevi or from

It is possible to travel to Käsmu by car or by bus.

Those who travel by car can either leave their car at the free car park 3,5 km before Käsmu and use bus transportation between the free car park and the village of Käsmu (bus schedule: Fri at 3pm-2am, Sat at 10am-2am, Sun at 10am-11pm, departures every 30 minutes) or buy a one-time parking ticket in Käsmu village for €10.

Those who come by bus can use the folk bus of Looduse Omnibuss, the schedule can be obtained from:

In Käsmu, you can spend the night on a campsite (1 large and 3 smaller ones), other accommodation possibilities are already full for this year. The ticket for the campsite is €3 per night per person and pre-registration is not required for the large campsite, information about the small campsites can be found here: Tiiu, phone 5122049, Elin, phone 51989038, Virge, phone 55537828. All the campsites are equipped with WC-s and cold water.

Sauna in Lainela resort village
Ticket: €2
Renting a towel: €2
Buying a towel: €4

Baggage room in the sauna house of the Lainela resort village at 2pm-12am, on Sunday at 2pm-9:30pm. Fee €2.

In Käsmu, there is no local shop. However, in the festival area there are many caterers and the locals of Käsmu also offer a range of foodstuff from their open gardens.

For children:
The young and older ladies of Mamsli playground are engaged with children on the square in front of the marine museum. During the festival there is a kindergarten in operation, the address of which is Neeme tee 5A, and for information phone 5113948. The landlady of the kindergarten also offers breakfast for families with children. In collaboration with the Iloni Imedemaa, children’s morning takes place on Saturday morning in the Käsmu community centre (Käsmu Rahvamaja) where short films on the topic of Astrid Lindgren’s “The Six Bullerby Children” are shown, in addition children will have the opportunity to construct an Ilon’s puppet. In addition, you can meet Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson in Käsmu with whom you can search for a spunk and draw little lonely roosters. 

During the festival, a Swedbank bank bus will operate in Käsmu.






Good ideas provided by Jaak Johanson, Ants Johanson, Lauri Saatpalu, Ott Sandrak, Kaie Tanner, Ele Veedla jpt.




The beach behind the Käsmu Sea Museum where the Ingman Seastage is situated.
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