Thank you for the fantastic 2019, in 2020 Viru Folk will focus on Norway’s culture. 

The organizers of the whole-family festival held in Käsmu on Aug 9-11, plan to create an atmosphere similar to Ireland, where three festival days will be full of traditional Irish music. Music will be played not only on big stages but also at the most unexpected places like in Ireland as Irish are so fond of music.

Both Irish and Estonian musicians will perform on the big stages. After the opening ceremony of the festival, The Kilkennys – Ireland’s Best International Band of 2018 – will take the floor.  VLÜ, Untsakad & Friends will perform at the tribute concert of The Pogues, the Irish punk-folk band that has deeply influenced several Estonian folk musicians in their green years. Altogether about forty concerts will take place during these three festival days. According to a well-known Estonian actor and producer Üllar Saaremäe, who will introduce Irish culture form many different aspects at the festival, the Estonians and the Irishmen have similar life cognition coded in Irish music, that’s why so many Estonians love Irish music.

In addition to music, the festival offers comprehensive film and theatre program, environmental program, kids program and activities for those who love to dance or eat. Pictures nature of Käsmu provides opportunities for a swim in the sea or a forest walk. The village streets will be full on handicraft and food stalls.