Kuidas tulla

During the festival, there is no free parking in Käsmu. Evering single parking costs 10 regardless of duration.

The closest caravan park with facilities is at Lepispea at Võsu. Info: www.letispea.eu, tel: +372 54501522

bus Schedule can be found HERE


In addition to festival official accommodation at Lainela Holiday Center, there are alternative accommodation options: private camps sites and home hospitality offered by local people. Please contact:

Virge (camping and home hospitality, campsite no 2 in the Map) – Tel: +372 55537828,
Eve (camping and home hospitality, campsite No 3 in the Map)  – Tel: +372 5152040,
Tiiu (camping, not marked in the Map ) – Tel: +372 5122049
Tiiu (home hospitality, not marked in the mao) – Tel: +372 3238428.

Accommodation is also offered by Koolimäe Holiday Centre outside of Käsmu.

Info and booking: Evi – tel : +372 56601455, during the festival Rutt – tel: +372 53727705

You can put up your own tent up at campsite marked on the map: Campsite no 1 in the Map. The campsite is equipped with toilets and running cold water. The camping tickets are available at the Piletikeskus. One night per person costs 5 €.

Accommodation at Lainela Holiday Center should be pre-booked.

NB! This year Lainela Holiday center is fully booked already.

During the festival visitors are welcome to use a sauna at Lainela Holiday Center:
on Friday and saturday women (W) at 20:00 – 22:00, men (M) at 22.00 – 00:00 ticket 10€
Showers on friday at 16-20, saturday  9-20, sunday 9-16. ticket 5

Towel rent 3 € (deposit 15 €)
Towels at sale for 15  €

Next to the sauna is a luggage storage for bags, musical instruments and other objects.

Luggage storage is open:
on Friday 16:00 – 00:00, saturday 9.00-20.00, on Sunday at 9:00 – 16:00

There are numerous caterers providing food that meets the expectations of visitors with different, tastes and preferences, including vegans and people who want to experience something completely new.

Depending on the theme of the festival national cuisines are also available.

We strongly urged you not to take pets to the festival. Staying long in a big crowd in rain and shine may be dangerous to your pets’ mental and physical health. It may put their life at risk and may put other visitors at danger and destroy the pet owner´s delight in the festival. In case you take your pet along to the festival, the following rules have to be observed:

  • Only trained, well-behaving and non-aggressive pets are allowed;
  • Pet owner has to clean-up after the pet immediately (be equipped with plastic bags);
  • Pet owner is fully responsible for any damage done by the pet;
  • The pet has to be vaccinated;
  • The name and mobile telephone number of the owner have to be attached to the collar of the pet;
  • Well-being for the pet has to be granted by the owner: the pet has to be fed and clean drinking water provided. Longer stay in a closed vehicle is absolutely prohibited;
  • The pet has to be close to the owner. Not all people are pet lovers and do not welcome their close presence. Pets should not violate public order and disturb other visitors.
  • The security team has the right to ask you to leave the concert site if your pet had given a strong reason for that.